Simply Brownies: a double chocolate Brownie Recipe

Simply Brownies

I’m a cookie lover. But sometimes a chocolate brownie does capture my interest. It has to be freshly baked and simple to make. And this double chocolate brownie is just that. You can include chocolate chips, walnuts or pecans. Or stay classic and simple which is what I did today. I baked this brownie recipe back in the day. Back in the day I still wrote recipes down on little index cards. Back in the day I used plain old chocolate chips from the grocery store. Nothing fancy.


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Blueberry Cobbler Cookies

Homemade oatmeal cookies are a favorite of mine. I love them because they can serve as a sweet dessert but also have enough nutrition to give me energy. Rolled, old-fashioned oats provide extra fiber and remind me of breakfast. Which is what I was thinking about when I created this recipe. I’ve been on an…

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Orange Drop Cookies

Orange Drop Cookies with White Chocolate

Orange Drop Cookies remind me of summer. Remember orange dreamsicles? Or is it orange creamsicles? Whatever you call them, the vanilla ice cream covered with an orange sweet/tart popsicle on a stick treats were a favorite every summer during childhood. I haven’t enjoyed one in years. These classic, old fashioned drop orange cookies include citrus flavor…

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Sprinkled Birthday Sugar Cookies

I celebrated a birthday a few days ago. Birthday cake is a must for me on my birthday and my husband made sure we had a delicious one from a local bakery, Moio’s, to enjoy. Candles and a special wish go with the piece of cake and it’s a birthday tradition that I love. In addition to…

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pink and white peanut butter cookies

Pink & White Peanut Butter Cookies

Oh my goodness, these cookies are so delicious! I’m out of my usual recipe writing stye this week due to the simple fact that I am now a Grandmother! I try to not to use exclamation points unless necessary but it’s just not easy when you have a new baby girl added to your family! Ok,…

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red white and blue thumbprints

Fourth of July Thumbprint Cookies

The Fourth of July holiday weekend is coming up soon. We will be spending some time at a lake nearby with family kayaking, fishing, and eating! When my family gets together, as I think it is in most families, it’s always, “What do I bring to eat?” I always think desserts. I considered cherry cheesecake, blueberry pie and cut…

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white chocolate blondies

White Chocolate Blondies

One of my favorite sweet combinations when I bake is butter and brown sugar. No matter how hard I try, I cannot resist tasting the cookie dough once I’ve creamed those two ingredients. While learning to bake back in my pre-teens, my cousin, Margie and I used to bake lots of goodies, including a peanut butter bar…

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